If you raise chickens or plan on raising chickens, you need this!

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Be prepared for the most common chicken health problems

By Shelby DeVore

It's not a matter of if it will happen, but when it will happen. If you're raising chickens, odds are that they are going to get sick. I've covered the five most common illnesses that chickens can get. You'll learn valuable information about:

  • How to recognize and treat the most common diseases
  • Preventing disease with proper biosecurity 
  • What these diseases mean for your flock


5 Most Common Chicken Illnesses includes the information that you need to know about the most common chicken illnesses to raise healthy flocks.

common chicken diseases, chicken illness


Learn the four types of diseases and how they can overlap and affect your birds.

common chicken diseases, chicken illnesses


The five most common chicken diseases can have drastic impacts on your chicken's healthy. Learn what they are and how to identify them.

common chicken disease, chicken illness, sick chicken


It's a complicated word that is really simple to understand and implement on your farm. Learn simple tricks to increase biosecurity and reduce disease on your farm.

common chicken diseases, chicken illness, sick chicken


Preventing diseases is much easie than treating diseases. Learn how to prevent common chicken diseases.

common chicken diseases, chicken illnesses, sick chicken


Learn the common problems that chicken owners face and how to treat them properly to avoid more serious health problems.

common chicken disease, chicken illness


Don't worry about the diseases that your chickens can catch. You'll learn how to prevent and treat the most common diseases that chickens can get.

“I wasn't even aware that there were diseases that chickens can or should be vaccinated for. After reading this book, I've ordered the vaccines that I need to keep my flock safe. After talking to my vet, I realized that I lived in a hotspot for a common chicken disease. Thankfully, I know now that I can prevent it with a vaccine that costs less than fifty cents per chicken.”

 - Joyce S.

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A Word From The Author

I want you to raise healthy chickens. Raising chickens should be fun and stress-free! You shouldn't have to worry about diseases that your chickens can get, which is why I put this book together. 

I get questions all of the time about sick chickens, even from experienced owners! I have 20+ years of experience raising chickens for meat, eggs and show. There isn't a chicken problem that I haven't seen or dealt with. 

I also have a bachelor's degree in animal science and a master's degree in agriculture, so I can appreciate the scientific side of raising chickens as well. I'm a retired high school agriculture teacher that spent five years teaching high school students the ins and outs of poultry science. 

I've coached numerous students and fellow teachers all aspects of poultry science. Now it's your turn to learn how to keep your flock safe!