If you've found yourself scouring the internet for hours on end looking for ways to treat snotty noses, wounds or feather loss in your chickens, keep scrolling...

Can we get real for a second my fellow backyard chicken keeper? Have you done any of the following?

  • read every blog post out there about how to take care of your chickens so that you're prepared for every possible scenario
  • bought all the backyard chicken books from your local Tractor Supply
  • dogeared important pages in those books for future reference in case an accident occurs
  • bookmarked and saved websites that tell you how to treat a sick chicken

Look. I get that you want to have easy references that you can look at real quick to help your chickens when accidents pop up.

And with chickens, we all know that accidents and sickness will happen.

It's good to be prepared and familiar with treating sick chickens and healing chicken wounds. However, even the best blog posts and all five copies of backyard chicken books may not have what you need if you need to doctor your chicken.

It's not your fault though that they don't have what you need.

You see, those books and blog posts were designed to be read as a general reference for people with chickens. They weren't created to be a quick guide to use when you're trying to deal with a bird that has a mangled wing from the neighborhood stray dog or six chickens that all of a sudden won't stop sneezing.

Which is exactly why you need a reference that you can easily glance over to figure out not only what is wrong with your sick chicken, but how to fix it.


The Chicken Emergency Bundle

how to heal a wounded chicken, sick chicken care, chicken emergency

The chicken emergency bundle isn't a book. You won't have to spend precious time flipping through pages trying to find the section on wound care when your poor Buttercup is in pain.

The Chicken Emergency Bundle is different. It's a collection of treatment pages, wound care guides and other handy pages that cut through the fluff and tell you only what you need to know about getting your sick or hurt chicken back to living her best life.

Inside the Chicken Emergency Bundle, you'll find:

  • a roadmap designed to quickly determine what's wrong with your chicken
  • treatment pages that briefly describe the problem and then detail how to treat it
  • step-by-step guides to wound care
  • worksheets explaining how to calculate dosages for medications
  • herbal treatment pages
  • deworming guides + a deworming medication chart

As a bonus, I'll also include a free copy of my ebooks 5 Most Common Chicken Illnesses and How to Keep Chickens without Odor, Mess and Bacteria.

These books will up your chicken keeping game. In the 5 Most Common Chicken Illnesses, you'll learn what the most common diseases are and how to prevent them.

If you dread checking your coop for eggs because the smell will knock you down, then How to Keep Chickens without Odor, Mess and Bacteria is the resource you need. You'll learn how to determine what different odors in the coop mean and how to ban them for good.

Say goodbye to holding your breath while you quickly snatch the eggs out of the coop!

This bundle sells for $32, less than half (or dare I say even a third) of an office visit to a vet that might not even treat your chicken!

Get access to the Chicken Emergency Bundle, 5 Most Common Chicken Illnesses and How to Keep Chickens without Odor, Mess and Bacteria for just $32 little dollars.


Imagine being able to give your chickens the medical care that they need without a $500 vet bill or spending hours online because your chicken may not have hours when she's seriously sick.

Questions smart people ask before getting their bundle:

I have some really good chicken keeping books that include sections about medical care. Can't I just use those?

Technically, yes, you could. But, you'd spend a ton of time trying to determine what's wrong with your sick chicken and then finding the section that covers how to treat it. Chickens don't show signs of being sick until they are really sick, which means that you may not have the time to spare to find how to give your chicken medical care.

The Chicken Emergency Bundle is designed to ONLY provide you with the information you need in an emergency. You can use the roadmap to figure out what's wrong with your bird and then quickly hop to the indicated treatment page.

This bundle seems handy, but won't it get nasty and messed up while I'm working on an injured bird?

I recommend carrying the treatment sheets with you while you're giving your chicken medical care. They're the perfect reference to check while treating chickens, cleaning wounds or giving medication. Cleaning wounds or doctoring up a hen with a sinus infection can be messy business.

Laminate your pages and put them into a small binder. Then, when they get gross, just wipe the pages off. Of course you can always print more pages if yours aren't laminated. You can't do that with your backyard chicken books.

Can't I just take my chicken to the vet if I need to?

Yes and no. I hate to give you that answer, but here's the thing. Most veterinarians won't see chickens. Even your average 'all animal' clinic may not see you. Or, they may see you just to collect an office visit fee and tell you there isn't much they can do for you.

Vets that will see chickens are expensive. Plan on dishing out a $75-100 office visit fee + fees for treatment options. Most chickens can be healed easily and inexpensively at home without ever seeing the vet's office.

Will I really need this to raise healthy chickens?

Here's the thing. I've raised chickens for over 20 years. I've literally owned hundreds of chickens. Most of your chickens are going to do just fine without needing medical care if you take care of them properly. But, I've also walked out to the chicken coop numerous times and walked into what looked like a war zone. It might be from predator attacks or a bad case of coccidiosis.

Chickens won't show symptoms of being sick until they're one foot in the grave. In fact, it's a survival instinct to prevent predator attacks. But, it can make it hard to keep them healthy.

By the time they show symptoms, you'll need to have quick answers to keep them around. You don't want to be caught scrambling for how to treat a bout of ascites or pasty butt. This bundle has everything you need to quickly start giving your chickens the medical care they'll need.

But what if I never use the Chicken Emergency Bundle?

Oh my dear, sweet summer child. While I hope that you don't need the bundle and that your chickens stay healthy and live to be 100 (in chicken years), chickens aren't the brightest. Injuries happen and they will get sick from time to time.

The only "R" word that you'll be thinking about after getting this bundle is referral. So sorry, since I stand 100% behind this bundle and have seen the treatment options in action- this bad boy is a use it or don't buy it type of product.

Ok, so how do I get my Chicken Emergency Bundle?

After you purchase the bundle, you'll get an email with a link to download the bundle and your two bonus ebooks. Simply click on the link to download them. From here, you can print them off and pop them into a binder.

So go ahead and slap that orange button below. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that you've got everything you need to keep your flock healthy for years to come.