Ready to make amazing gifts for your friends and family... from scratch?

It can be hard to come up with awesome gifts for your friends and family that they'll remember. These recipes are time-tested favorites that you and your family will love.

Inside, you'll find recipes for:

  • Marinated Mozzerella Balls
  • Old-Fashioned Apple Butter
  • Pickled Green Tomatoes
  • Oven Roasted Salsa
  • Fudgy Brownies in a Jar
  • Easy Lavender Goat's Milk Soap
  • Dandelion Salve

Best of all? It's completely free- our gift to you!


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Hey there, I'm Shelby.

I've been farming and making things from scratch for over 20 years. It started when I was a little kid, stirring pots in the kitchen while my mom made big batches of homemade jams, relishes, tomatoes, and other kitchen staples. These goodies would be given to neighbors and relatives in big baskets as cherished gifts each year. Let's start using your homegrown goods from your homestead and turn them into gifts your family and friends will enjoy.

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