Are you prepared for chicken diseases and injuries?

  • Learn exactly what you need in a chicken first aid kit.
  • Create a first aid kit before illness or injury strikes to be prepared for any problem.
  • Helpful tips about how to use the items in your chicken first aid kit.

Chicken injuries and disease are going to happen...

It's not a matter of if your chickens are going to get hurt or get sick, but when. All chicken owners are going to face the occasional injury or sickness in their flock.

Are you prepared to handle the bumps, cuts and diseases that your chickens are going to encounter?

Learn what supplies you need to have on hand to treat anything that your chickens might throw at you. Be prepared before they get sick or hurt; sometimes the time spent running to the local farm supply store is too long for your chicken to wait for help.

chicken sickness, chicken first aid kit checklist

My name is Shelby DeVore. 

I'm the creator of the chicken first aid kit checklist. I have 20+ years of experience raising chickens for both meat and eggs. I've owned hundreds of chickens, giving me tons of hands on experience raising healthy and happy flocks. 

I also have both a B.S. in animal science and a M.S. in agriculture, which allows me to see the scientific aspects of raising healthy birds. 

Before founding Farminence, I spent five years teaching high school agriculture courses. During that time, I coached numerous poultry judging teams, teaching students all aspects of raising poultry from disease management, nutrition, profitability and more. 

I'm here to help you raise your own flocks of healthy and happy chickens.