potting soil recipes, DIY potting mix

Save money and have healthier plants by mixing your own soil!

  • Recipes to create your own potting mixes for any plant.
  • See your plants thrive once they are getting the nutrients they need.
  • Learn the ingredients in potting mixes and how they can help or hurt your plants.

What's Included?

Learn the key ingredients that you'll need to make potting mix that is superior to what you can buy in bags at the store.  

Feel good about what you're putting your plants in.... no artificial nonsense or fillers. Learn how to create mixes that are natural and healthy for your plants.  

The plants that you're growing in pots are from all over the world and need unique potting mixes. If your plants aren't healthy, it could be due to the soil or mix that they are in. Make sure that your plants are getting the perfect mix that's tailored to their growing needs.  

You'll learn how to create potting mixes that are perfect for:  

  •  Succulents and Cacti
  •  Seed Starting and Tranplanting
  • House Plants
  • Potted Trees and Shrubs
  • Orchids
  • Vegetables and Herbs
  • Raised Beds and more!

Start growing healthier plants!

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