growing vegetables at home, growing vegetables in small spaces, growing vegetables in an apartment

Are you tired of planting seeds and harvesting only dead plants?

Then it's time to think 'inside' the box!

This is a must-have guide that will walk you through everything that YOU need to know to grow amazing vegetable plants in containers.

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You've tried to grow plants in the past, but it didn't work out. You chalked it up to the fact that you just have a brown thumb. That's all there is to it.

I'm here to tell you that it's not your fault!

That brown thumb that you thought you had... it's not because you can't grow plants. It's because you were given the wrong information. You read all of the blog posts and tried all of the fancy gadgets and tools that were supposed to make gardening easier. Those crunchy brown leaves that your last lettuce crop turned into isn't because you are terrible. Those tomato plants that were ravaged by hornworms? Not your fault either!

There is so much information out there about what you should be doing to get the biggest tomatoes, juiciest cucumbers, the crispest lettuce or the sweetest beets. It's easy to become overwhelmed and feel like you can't possibly grow vegetables. This is especially true when you look over your neighbor's fence and see the perfectly manicured vegetable garden that she has. You don't have that kind of space for a massive garden. What if I told you that you can outgrow her perfectly manicured garden, in containers?

Learn all of the details that other gardeners aren't telling you

Learn the BEST varieties for containers.

Identify and treat for common pests and diseases.

Save money by starting your own seeds.

Stop wasting time with plants that will never grow!

Your next-door neighbor's garden always looks amazing. There's no hiding that. You may have even asked her a time or two what she does that makes her garden look so amazing because you can't seem to grow anything. She may have given you some tips to try, but your tomatoes ended up with yellow, wilted leaves despite your best efforts.

She's not giving you the juicy details that you need to grow amazing plants!

Look, vegetable plants are simple. Put them in the right container, give them rich soil, water and sunlight and they'll be good to go.

You just need to know the basic information about growing in containers, and no one has showed up to give it to you until now!

Here's why you need this eBook, like, yesterday...

You'll learn the key information about growing edible vegetables in containers that no one else is giving you. Container gardening is different than growing in a garden bed and you need to know what those differences are!

  • Learn why you SHOULD be growing vegetables in containers and which varieties will give you the best results
  • Determine the BEST plants to grow in containers, both inside and outside
  • Learn how to grow year-round vegetables (I bet your neighbor with the perfect garden can't do that!)
  • Get all of the facts about plant nutrition, fertilizer and how to feed your plants properly
  • Identify common plant diseases and learn how to treat them quickly, easily and cheaply
  • Identify common plant pests and learn how to prevent and get rid of them
  • Discover why you should use companion planting, even for small containers
  • Get the skills that you need to start your own healthy seeds to save money and grow better plants

Here's what other gardeners are saying

" I don't have a ton of space to grow vegetables. I only have a small patio, so I thought that growing vegetables at home was something that was out of my reach. I started looking into growing vegetables at home when the coronavirus pandemic made it extremely difficult to find some of the fresh foods that I wanted. I found Shelby's book and realized that not only do I have plenty of space to grow vegetables, but I can grow them all year long. I've started growing spinach since it's been hard to find lately and it's coming up so dark green and pretty! I never thought that I would be able to grow vegetables! If you think you're limited on space or you'll kill everything that you try to grow, give this book a chance and try it out!" -L. Yopp

"I've tried to grow a few vegetable plants before. I didn't kill them, but they weren't exactly great either. I won't mention the sad little lettuce plants that I tried to grow that bloomed... Who knew that lettuce could bloom?? After I read Think Inside the Box, I learned why my lettuce bloomed (and how to keep it from happening again). I'm so thankful to have all of this information now so that I can try again." -B. Shearon

"I've bought similar books before. It was ok. I learned a few tips but not as much as I was hoping. When I read this book, I was so surprised! Most vegetable gardening books give you the basic information... add fertilizer, water properly, make sure they have sunlight, etc. But Think Inside the Box actually breaks down the why and how. She explains plant nutrition in a way that actually makes sense. Now, when I buy fertilizer, I know what my plant needs to a T. No more guessing when it comes to gardening. She really cuts the fluff. It's like taking an entire gardening course." -T. Stewart

growing vegetables at home, growing vegetables in small spaces, growing vegetables in an apartment

Don't miss out on the information that you need to grow amazing vegetable plants.

You can grow them anywhere: a kitchen counter, a small apartment balcony, your back deck or even on your front step!

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